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Welcome to The Eden SDA School

The Eden School is a limited charitable company, owned and operated by a group of directors, who are members of the Seventh-day Adventist church community in the West London area. The school is comprised of two units: Little Eden Primary School and Eden High School. The High School has recently expanded to include Eden Sixth Form Centre where 16—18 year olds can receive a Christian Further Education.

The school’s education philosophy and practices are founded on Seventh-day Adventist educational principles. It delivers a curriculum programme that provides for the complete development of every pupil under its charge. At the heart of this curriculum are two central beliefs. The first is that human beings were created and fashioned in the image of God, which makes us very important and special in every respect. This truth, when accepted, is a shield against low self-esteem and poor self- image, which are destructive forces to children's development and a hindrance to them realizing their full potential. The second is that all wisdom, knowledge and learning are derived from God. Thus, these two cardinal principles are the motivation for the school’s commitment to the goal of spiritual, academic, social and physical excellence for all pupils.

Furthermore, the outcome of the schools endeavours is that you will find at The Eden School confident, assured and happy pupils. They demonstrate a love for learning, complimented with fine social graces and physical development.

These achievements of pupils at both the Primary and High School are made possible through the love, care and security they receive from the staff that serve them. The Head Teacher, Mrs Laura Osei, and the teaching and support staff are dedicated to their work and to the cause of Christian Education. They are positive role models who provide invaluable and practical reinforcement to the Christian values and ethos the school subscribes to.

As you study the information about the school, contained in this prospectus, you will find that The Eden School offers a spiritually rich and unique learning experience for your children. This is delivered in a pleasant and stimulating environment.

Dr. Keith Davidson Ed.D (Board Chairman and Education Director for the British Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists)