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What Our Parents Say

Mr T. Cesay

We travel all the way from Newham, East London to West London for this fantastic school for my son.. It’s such a loving and giving environment for my son he finds it hard to take all that positive energy in because he hasn’t been shown that sort of care within an educational environment.  The school was a godsend from another parent who advised us on this wonderful place so if your son or daughter is not reaching the heights in mainstream school please come and have a talk to the teachers at Eden and they will make you feel very welcomed.

Mr & Mrs Munn

I’m a parent currently with 3 children at the Eden school. I have a 17 year old who attended the Eden and is currently doing well at college.  We have a Christian background, and the Eden school mirrors what we want our children to project later on as adults.

It is good for us to be at a school that share the same ethos, values and views for our children.  It is so important for children to see and appreciate parents having a healthy relationship with their schools- this will help the child/ children to understand that we are all working together for their best outcome..

My children are very fortunate to attend a school that involves GOD in every part of their education.
They are fortunate that their first part of their day is given to the Lord. I truly believe that my GOD is raising my children to be giants from the love they receive from their school.

Remember our children spend the largest portion of their day at school; surely as parents it is our responsibility to get their schools right for the best of our children. Children thrive in positive nourishing happy environments.
Our experiences have been positive at this school.  Both myself and my husband are very happy at the Eden and would not want our children to be educated anywhere else.

Thank you

Mrs L. Ross

Being a product of Christian education, my desire was always to educate my children in the same way, as I believe that nothing is more important than understanding God’s purpose for us His children and living to please Him. I feel blessed that my son attends a school that promotes the importance of character building simultaneously with academics.  If you want to make your child fit for a higher purpose, this type of holistic education is necessary.

Thank you Eden!

P. Owen

My son came to the Eden school after a late diagnosis of ASD at the end of year 7. Staff and pupils took great care of my son educationally, peer to peer pastorally and practically. The mix of academics small classes, understanding teachers and hands on learning have proven to of given my son an all round academic and life skills grounding. He went on to study chef and hospitality and passed all of his exams. After a difficult primary education the Eden School were able to meet all of his needs. I am very proud of my son and cannot thank everyone one enough for all the support and encouragement during his (our) time with the Eden Family.

Ms. C. Aird

Eden is a very positive school.  My kids absolutely love the school.  It’s like a second home for them.  My kids are more positive about what they want in life and that’s because of The Eden School!

Ms. C. Cameron

My son thoroughly enjoys life at Eden.  A lot of what the school does is very inspiring.  The teachers are very caring and I love that my son gets to be involved in different activities, especially the MOTHERLAND production!