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Our School Vision

Our vision for the The Eden School is driven by the imperative to deliver a high quality, holistic learning experience and the teaching of a curriculum that is engaging, stimulating and appropriate to the skills and abilities of all learners. For our pupils, The Eden School will:

Provide them with an appropriate, vibrant and stimulating curriculum matched to their individual needs, interest and abilities;

Nurture them to become exemplary people of character; good citizens of our community with positive values who want to give something back to our society;

Engage them in the learning process to make academic progress from Early Years Milestones through to KS2 and KS3 to KS5 in line and above national expectations and benchmarks;

Offer them access to a range of accredited qualifications that will address their individual learning potential and personalised to their individual needs, interest and abilities;

Develop in pupils the skill to achieve at least a Level 5 in KS2 SATs and 7 GCSE’s grades A*-C or its equivalent passes including English, Mathematics and Science;

Support and empower those who are disadvantaged and challenged to raise their expectations, to achieve GCSEs, or it’s equivalent, Life Skills and Key Skills;

Develop pupils to become confident, creative and independent, collaborative thinkers, with an entrepreneurial and growth mindset;

Broaden their horizons to experience and follow a healthy, balanced lifestyle;

Provide a range of academic and vocational pathways as they enter Key Stage 4 preparing them for either further and higher education, employment or training, having achieved academic / vocational and personal achievement of excellence;

Create a dynamic learning opportunity to play a musical instrument including singing up to Level 5 Associated Board (ABRSM).

Upon leaving our school, pupils will take away a strong sense of identity and purpose, the ability to think independently enabling them to become upstanding members of our society. The Eden School promotes a positive attitude towards learning for a fulfilling life now, for tomorrow and eternity.