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The Eden School has established a Building & Student Development Fund to support the education objectives of the school. The funds will go towards providing (1) physical amenities and resources for the school, (2) to contribute towards the continued subsidisation of school fees and (3) the funding of student activities which support their learning. We are seeking dedicated organisations and individuals to partner with us financially.

The Building and Student Development fund seeks to:

provide low-cost and affordable private Christian education for students whose parents are unable to afford the usual private education fees;

facilitate the advancement of education in accordance with healthy, moral, positive character development and Christian principles to aid in the development of the pupils’ individual capabilities, competencies and skills;

and promote the advancement of education of the public in after school activities in the subjects of raising self-esteem and character development in young people prone to low self-esteem and poor moral character. This can be achieved by developing their mental, physical and moral capabilities through educational activities.

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Building & Student Development Fund