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Judah Wins The Voice’s Made By History Essay Competition

Judah Wins The Voice’s Made By History Essay Competition

HE WINNERS of this year’s edition of The Voice’s Made by History writing competition were celebrated at the heart of London on Monday.

The young guests, their parents and their teachers were welcomed to City Hall by its community engagement manager Jeanette Bain-Burnett, celebrity chef and Reggae Reggae Sauce founder Levi Roots, The Voice’s Director Paulette Simpson and Leon Hamilton, the chief representative officer for Jamaica National Bank UK.

Roots said:

The knowledge of our history is really important. The greatest tool I had when I entered the Dragon’s Den in order to take my sauces forward was the history that my grandma taught me. It was looking to the past but it was also looking to the future because it was one of Jamaica’s greatest philosophers, Marcus Garvey, who said, ‘No matter where you’re going to it always depended on where you’re coming from. History is one of the most valuable things you can put into your mind’.

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