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MOTHERLAND is The Eden School’s annual production that follows the story about an African baby boy born to a King & Queen who is forcibly removed from his parents and faces challenges, hardship and difficulties that threaten his very existence.

The audience gets to follow his nation across the Atlantic through history, from the familiar to the unfamiliar, from home to a strange land.

Will they ever truly be free?

Motherland is a phenomenal amalgamation of music, drama, song & dance and guarantees that you will be entertained, educated and perhaps even moved to tears.

Come along and get to experience the story of the slave trade as seen through the eyes of the children of The Eden School!

Saturday 16th Febrary at 7pm   |   Sunday 17th February at 3pm

(Please ensure your booking is for the correct day)

Contact us for more information: –
020 8896 1042
info@theedenschool.com Use ‘MOTHERLAND’ as the subject

The Eden School is a warm, friendly and vibrant learning community where our students’ creativity is nurtured through music, drama & dance; heir life skills are cultivated &honed and where academic excellence is facilitated and celebrated.  Great results, character building, lasting friendships and a bright future – give your child the Eden experience!

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